Dye Day

IMG_0045Indigo Dye Pot
Here are pictures of an indigo dyepot from fresh indigo leaves. Following instructions from a couple of sources, we worked through the slow heating of leaves in water to release the indigo. The chemical process called for then making the pot basic using washing soda, then whipping the pot to add oxygen (we used an aquarium bubbler) and adding Spectralite to reduce the indigo to the form that will bind to fiber and and exposed to air.“stick” once it is oxidized when exposed to air.

Image-12-Version-2At each step, we were excited to see our success – the teal blue color appearing in the bath from the leaves, the white plastic spoon turning blue when it is removed from the oxygenated dyepot, the almost instantaneous change in color when yarn dipped in the pot is removedImage-10