Bonnie Tarses Color Horoscope Weaving Workshop, March 14-16, 2013

Our spring workshop with Bonnie Tarses was held this past weekend.  We had a blast.  Bonnie is entertaining, interesting, motivating, sometimes hilarious, and extremely willing to share her weaving expertise and “secrets”.

bonnieHarmony members attended the workshop along with three guests, including “Nanook of the North”, Melisande Wolfe.  I was sweating just looking at her:

nanook_melisandeThe workshop was so much more than simply weaving our Color Horoscope Shawls.  In fact, we undertook so much more:  color exercises, “woven words”, “almost Ikat” warp winding, and “peace” wrapping.  We didnt get much weaving done, but we sure learned a lot.


Everyone’s horoscope draft was different, but they were all gorgeous.  The warps were so beautiful, it was almost a shame to weave them.  But, they were just as beautiful when woven:

By Saturday afternoon, we were exhausted, yet thrilled and excited.  I think we all had difficulty making ourselves leave.  A more detailed version of this post will be prepared for our newsletter.