Sakiori and Zanshi with Tom Knisely

For those of you who have taken classes from Tom Knisely, you’ll enjoy seeing him at our Gulid meeting instead of The Mannings. For those who haven’t had an opportunity to meet Tom, you’re in for a treat!

This is a sakiori hanhaba obi. Sakiori is a traditional Japanese technique of rag weaving.The fabric strips are cut finely and woven into a tweed-like fabric.
Photo by Ichiro Wada.

Tom will provide some background to Sakiori and Zanshi fabrics, discuss the techniques for creating them, and show many examples that he has collected or woven himself. Sakiori and Zanshi fabrics represent some of the finest examples of recycling. Sakiori is a fabric that is woven with very narrow strips of fabric such as silk, much like a rag rug but with a subtle hand that makes it possible to wear as clothing. Zanshi cloth is woven with the left oveFr threads of previously woven fabrics. The broken warp threads, left over bobbins and thrums are tied together to make a continuous length that could then be woven to make a new fabric.
Tom Knisely has been the general manager and resident weaving instructor at The Mannings Handweaving Studio and Supply Center, with his career there spanning four decades. Along with teaching many different aspects of weaving, Tom enjoys teaching spinning and dyeing as well. Tom was voted weaving Teacher of the Year by Handwoven. Tom has done several instructional videos on weaving through Interweave Press and has recently released his book on weaving rag rugs through Stackpole Press. He has just finished a new book Handwoven Baby Blankets that includes more than 40 different baby blanket designs with lots of ideas on what yarns and threads work best for baby blankets.
Tom lives in rural York County, PA. When he is not weaving, spinning or collecting antique textiles for study, Tom loves to work in his garden.