Deborah Holcomb on Technology and Weaving

Debrorah Holcomb at Harmony Weavers Guild February 2016February 11, 2016 at Greenbank Mill
Deborah Holcomb from New Hope, PA, will give a general program on technology and weaving covering a range of techniques that would include design generation and ‘computer games’ played with the weaving programs, handy tips for using Photoshop Elements for color and pattern ideas and useful iPad/iPhone aps.
Deborah’s passion for weaving began almost inadvertently many years ago when she stumbled across a book on off-loom weaving techniques. She moved from frame looms and rigid heddle weaving to fancy twills and block weaves on a small 8-shaft floor loom. The restriction imposed by 10 treadles led her to an 8-shaft table loom, which is certainly slower, but much more flexible. But, this flexibility also induced that affliction known to weavers as “shaft envy”. This is a terminal condition which was partially alleviated by the acquisition of a 24-shaft Louet Magic Dobby. Of course, doing drawdowns by hand for 24 shaft designs is tedious, time-consuming, and error prone, (not to mention the task of putting all those little pegs in the dobby chain), so she bought the electronic interface and began an ongoing quest for software to support her design process.
She realized that she was officially out of control when she went so far as to buy a new house because the old one was simply too small to hold the 48 inch, 24 shaft, computer controlled loom that she wanted. (She loves all her looms, so there was never any consideration of replacing any of them in order to make room for the new one.)
Deborah lives in New Hope, PA with her husband, their two dogs, and their slightly scary collection of looms, spinning wheels, hand tools and various electronic devices.