Linda Hartshorn program at Winterthur

lindapicture2012On Thursday morning, March 10, 2016, Linda Hartshorn will give a presentation to the guild titled “Indigo: the Natural Way to Get the Blues”. The program will be held at the Brown Horticultural Education Building at the Winterthur Estate (directions are on page 4 of the guild newsletter, Looming Items).

Linda Hartshorn is known for unique dyework and lively use of color in her handwoven textiles. The Artist’s Statement on Linda’s website describes her weaving philosophy: “In weaving I have discovered the threads that connect us to other weavers, to other places and other times. For me weaving is an essential part of being human. I try to express this in my work, which is influenced by many textile traditions but is still very much my own. I use natural fibers, a diversity of weave structures, and hand dyeing, including the extensive use of plant and mineral dyes, to create artistry in fiber. “
On Thursday afternoon and Friday, we will have our weaving workshop, “Secrets of Shadow Weave“. Alternate colors in the warp and weft to create fascinating designs! Warp up your loom for a pattern on 4, 6, or 8 shafts. Learn about color-and-weave effects, color combinations and how to read and write shadow weave drafts. Learn to use shadow weave to produce iridescence
in fabrics. Create a set of samples in a round robin, and weave off the rest at home to make a scarf or runner.
skeinsOn Saturday, we will have a separate workshop on indigo dyeing, Indigo for Blues and Greens:
Indigo, nature’s true blue, is an essential component of making greens with natural dyes. Prepare the indigo vat, and dye skeins of wool yarn. Watch the fibers turn from yellow-green to blue
in your hands! Learn how to combine indigo blue with natural yellows to make amazing green shades. Take home the yarns and fabrics you have dyed and a recipe to start your own indigo vat.