Our 40th Anniversary

40th Anniversary Luncheon

Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 11:30 AM

Many Thanks to Beverly Peltz, Gynnie Moody, Pat Panacek, Sonnie Sperati, Jane Maguigan, Deborah Lewis-Idema and Gail Pietrzyk for their work in making the event a success.

Thanks also to weavers Toni Ammons, Sandy Buckworth, Gail Caron, Fran DeStafeno, Perry Drevo, Debby Idema, Carol Ireland, Linda Shinn, Lucy Lopez, and Ellen Turner for weaving beautiful souvenir table napkins for each Luncheon guest!

Thanks to the members of “Nothing but Treble” for providing delightful vocal entertainment.

Harmony Weavers Guild 40th Anniversary History compiled and written by Jane Maguigan and Deborah Lewis-Idema.