Sowing Creative Seeds

Biennial Show
Opening March 2, 2012
Sowing Creative Seeds
An array of woven, hand knits and surface design of
local fiber artisans.
Opening Friday, March 2, 2012—5:30 PM – 8:00 PM
The Delaware Center for Hortuculture
Free and Open to the public
LYRA harp group will perform musical selections at
the exhibit opening.
The Gallery is open Monday through Friday from 9:00
AM to 5:00 PM., and during evening and weekend
events, except on holidays.
“Sowing Creative Seeds” will be open from March 2-27.
Notes for exhibitors:
Please bring your pieces to one
of the following locations:
Arlene Favreau-Pysher
109 Mulberry Road
Newark, DE 19711
302 737-0707
Harriet Memeger
711 Coverly Road
Wilmington, DE 19802
302 762-5110
Margaret Trussell
Vulcan’s Rest Fibers
106 George Street
Chesapeake City, MD
You may also bring items to
our February Guild meeting.
Last date for drop-off is Friday,
February 24, 2012.
Items sold in this exhibit will be subject
to a 35% commission. Proceeds benefit Delaware Center for Hortuculuture.
Forms for exhibitors will be available at the guild meeting and will be posted in the Yahoo! Groups folders.

Pick-up will be from DCH on March 28, 2012
A Sign-up sheet will be available at the guild meeting in February.
Volunteers are needed
• to set-up and take-down the exhibit
• to provide and help with refreshments
• Contact Arlene to sign-up as a
Please contact the committee if you have hangers, manequins or display pieces.